The Profile of Weihai L.S. Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. In 2000, leaving from Weihai Import & Export Company, after careful consideration, Mr. Peter Li founded Weihai L.S. Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. in the beautiful coastal city – blue leisure city, Weihai. This international trade company is specialized in doing pet products export business. After the development of several years, the company business grew rapidly, and the company scale was getting larger and larger. The simple trade company could not meet the needs of the development. At that time, Mr. Peter Li made the decision to set up his own manufacturing base. After investigation, the first manufacturing base was built inRushanCity, which is with reputation of “the backgardenofQingdao”, and the base name is Weihai L.S. Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. Rushan Branch. This base has over one hundred pcs/sets of various types of processing units, and over one hundred of front-line workers.  Weihai L.S. Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. Rushan Branch is located at the economic development zone ofRushanCity, next to Qingdao-Weihai Expressway, and with a close proximity toQingdaoPort.The convenient land and water transportation provides great convenience for the international business development. When the base started operation, professional technical personnel were hired to set up the research and development team. And this team is to develop new products according to the needs and requirement from customer and market, gradually forming LS company own patent product, and enhancing its leading position of high-end pet products market. Meanwhile, LS consistently pursues the high quality of the products, takes high quality as the key of survival and the advantage to compete in market. For LS, sincerity is the base, the market is the foundation, and customer is the supreme, doing best to meet customer and market needs is the business philosophy. Thus, LS drives to the booming fast lane. Correct philosophy, high quality products and advanced vision ensure the good growth of LS.With the rapid business development, the first manufacturing base could not meet the development need. LS built the second manufacturing base next to 309 national road in Rushan city, and over one hundred of local works were employed for this base. In this case, it is not only meet the manufacturing need for LS, but also offer many work opportunities for the local residents, reaching the mutual development for both economy and society, and getting the high praise from the local government.  Sincerity is the base, the market is the foundation, and customer is the supreme, credit is the first, due to company operating based on this philosophy, LS got rapid development, and the scale got larger again. In 2010, LS built the third manufacturing base at the edge of Rushan city, and the manufacturing capacity enlarged again. Since then, LS set research & development, manufacturing, trade integration in the development.   So far, Weihai L.S. Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. has three manufacturing bases, 30 members at research and development team, over 300 front-line workers, over 30,000 square meters workshop section and over 400 pcs/sets various processing machines. With strong manufacturing capacity, complete product structure, over one thousand kinds fabric patterns, LS can provide many options for customer and market to meet the different needs for different customer and market. The business scope covers Europe,America,AustraliaandAsiaarea. The annual export amount is more than USD 20,000,000. In 2013, Weihai L.S. Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. was awarded as the “Credit Enterprise of Weihai City” by Publicity Department of Weihai Municipal Committee. And LS products won the gold medal of pet products of China by China Import and Export Association in the same year. In 2014, LS company boss Mr. Peter Li was named “Annual Economic Figures” by Weihai city government.  Base on the current manufacturing scale, for the next step, Weihai L.S. Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. will strengthen the research and development, constantly to develop new products to offer more and better options for customers and market. While doing well in international business, LS will turn the view to the domestic market at the same time, develop new products according to the needs of domestic market, and make a contribution to the development of domestic pet products market